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Hanover New Jersey Theft AttorneysHanover New Jersey police are trying to find a man who allegedly stole at least three motor vehicles in one day.

According to law enforcement officials, the suspect started his crime spree by stealing a 2003 Toyota Camry parked near Halo Pharmaceutical in Hanover, NJ. The vehicle owner was reportedly in the process of unloading boxes from the back of the vehicle when the suspect jumped behind the wheel and drove off.

The suspect has also been accused of stealing two other vehicles – a minivan and a dump truck – in Hanover, NJ.

Remarkably, the suspect also allegedly committed another theft crime that same day by burglarizing a car parked outside a business on Route 10 in Hanover, New Jersey. The suspect allegedly broke into the car and stole an iPad3 and a dash camera, among other items.

Detectives with the Hanover Police Department investigated the theft incidents and reportedly found video surveillance footage that shows the suspect committing the car burglary.

If authorities identify and arrest the suspect, he would probably be charged with multiple counts of auto theft and burglary.

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East Hanover Auto Theft ChargesEast Hanover NJ law enforcement is searching for a man who allegedly stole multiple vehicles last week. Now authorities are offering a $1,000 cash reward to anyone who can provide information that leads to an arrest in the theft case.

The first theft happened during the morning hours of May 2, 2017. According to Morris County CrimeStoppers, the suspect began his crime spree by stealing a red 2006 Chrysler Town & Country van parked on a road in Boonton Township, NJ.

The suspect then reportedly drove the vehicle to a business located in East Hanover, parked the van, and stole a white 2005 GMC 5500 truck.

Not long after that, the suspect allegedly arrived in East Hanover and stole another motor vehicle: a dark gray Toyota Camry.

The East Hanover Police Department and the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office are conducting a joint investigation into the auto thefts and attempting to determine the suspect’s identity. Detectives obtained video surveillance images of the suspect allegedly committing one of the vehicle thefts.

If police can eventually identify and capture the suspect, he would probably be charged with multiple counts of auto theft and theft of movable property.

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Pequannock New Jersey Theft LawyersThe owner of a Riverdale NJ flower shop allegedly stole flowers from a cemetery located in Pompton Plains, NJ.

The suspect is a 59-year-old resident of Riverdale and owns a flower shop in the borough. According to officials, the suspect went to the First Reformed Church Cemetery in Pompton Plains at night and stole flowers placed in front of graves. Pompton Plains NJ is part of Pequannock Township in Morris County, New Jersey.

Workers at the cemetery got reports of flowers and plants gone missing from graves, so they contacted the Pequannock Police Department. Police officers then installed surveillance cameras at the Pompton Plains NJ cemetery.

Sometime later, the suspect allegedly drove to the Pompton Plains cemetery in a minivan, took a couple of plants, and drove off.

Pequannock NJ detectives used the surveillance footage to identify the suspect and then arrested her.

The suspect now faces criminal charges for theft of movable property.

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Mount Olive Criminal Defense AttorneysA Mount Olive restaurant employee was recently arrested and charged with theft of movable property after he allegedly stole a $20 bill from a charity donation jar.

The suspect, a 54-year-old resident of Budd Lake, worked at Kennedy’s Pub on Route 46 in Mount Olive, NJ. According to law enforcement officials, the suspect took the $20 bill from a donation jar at the restaurant. The donation jar had been set up so that people could give money to a cystic fibrosis charity.

The manager of the Mount Olive NJ restaurant saw that the cash was missing and subsequently contacted the Mount Olive Police Department. Police detectives investigated and took a look video surveillance footage that reportedly shows the suspect removing the jar and then returning it without the money.

Mount Olive police officers later located the suspect and placed him under arrest. He has been charged with a theft crime.

After being arrested and charged, the suspect was released from police custody on his own recognizance. He has a pending court date to address the criminal charges against him.

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Hanover New Jersey Theft AttorneysPolice officers recently arrested a Hanover NJ man who allegedly committed motor vehicle break-ins and thefts over a 10-month period.

The suspect is a 20-year-old man from the Cedar Knolls section of Hanover Township, New Jersey. According to authorities, the suspect broke into at least 15 cars parked on roads in Hanover NJ and stole valuables.

The Hanover Township Police Department conducted an exhaustive investigation into the car burglaries and thefts and eventually identified the suspect as the person who may be responsible.

When Hanover NJ detectives captured the suspect, they allegedly found him in possession of items stolen from the cars.

Police also allegedly discovered the suspect in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia when they arrested him.

Hanover detectives interviewed the suspect at police headquarters, with the suspect allegedly confessing to the car break-ins.

The suspect has been charged with numerous crimes, including burglary, theft of movable property, credit card theft, credit card fraud, receiving stolen property, simple possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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Mendham Township Burglary LawyersPolice officers arrested three men who allegedly committed burglaries and thefts in Mendham Township and Chester Township, New Jersey.

The burglary suspects hail from Chicago, Illinois. Authorities have not indicated why the men were in Morris County, NJ.

The Mendham Township Police Department got a 911 call from one of the victims, a homeowner in Mendham NJ, about a possible burglary. Cops went to the residence, located on Glen Gary Drive in Mendham, and talked to the victim. The homeowner provided a description of the suspects’ getaway car and said that one of the men wore a utility worker uniform.

Not long after the Mendham burglary, Chester NJ police received a report of a break-in at a residence. The burglars were reportedly dressed as utility workers.

Mendham NJ cops later found the suspects’ vehicle on Fox Chase Road in Chester NJ, where it was disabled. When police officers looked inside the car, they reportedly discovered stolen items.

The three suspects have been charged with several crimes, including burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, and theft of movable property.

After being arrested and processed, the suspects were moved to the Morris County Correctional Facility in Morristown, New Jersey.

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Dover NJ Auto Theft LawyersPolice officers recently arrested a Dover NJ man who allegedly stole a neighbor’s car.

The suspect, a 30-year-old man from Dover New Jersey, has been accused of unlawfully taking a 1999 Honda Accord from his neighbor’s yard. The suspect allegedly called a towing company and had a tow truck take the vehicle away.

The car was moved to a scrapyard, where the suspect allegedly sold it for $100 in cash.

The rightful owner of the motor vehicle later noticed that his car was missing, so he contacted the Dover Police Department. Detectives subsequently conducted an investigation into the alleged theft. Police ultimately decided that enough evidence existed to place the suspect under arrest.

The suspect has been charged with theft by unlawful taking.

After being placed under arrest and charged, the suspect was released on his own recognizance. He will need to submit to weekly drug testing as long as the criminal charges remain pending.

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Madison NJ Car Burglary LawyersMadison NJ law enforcement is trying to find members of the “Felony Lane Gang,” an auto theft ring that reportedly breaks into vehicles parked in various parts of Morris County, New Jersey.

The car thieves are allegedly responsible for several car burglaries in the last few months. According to Morris County authorities, the suspects break into motor vehicles parked outside businesses, schools, and parks. Once inside the cars, the suspects allegedly steal personal possessions that have been left behind.

The most recent car burglary happened outside a Walgreens in Madison, New Jersey. The Madison Police Department got a report of two vehicle break-ins around 10:00 a.m. The cars were parked in the pharmacy parking lot and left unattended for a short amount of time.

The suspects reportedly smashed the passenger-door windows, entered the cars, and stole a purse and other valuable items.

Detectives with the Madison Police Department are conducting an investigation into the recent car burglaries and thefts. Investigators have already determined that members of the “Felony Lane Gang” could be the culprits.

Any members of the public with information about the recent car break-ins should call Madison detectives at 973-593-3014.

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Washington Township NJ Robbery LawyersA Washington Township NJ man allegedly robbed three banks in NJ this month.

According to law enforcement, the suspect robbed TD Bank branches in Morris County and Essex County.

The first theft crime occurred on March 4, 2017 in Roseland, New Jersey. The suspect reportedly entered the building, handed a note to a bank teller, and threatened to shoot the employee with a handgun.

The second theft occurred on March 6, 2017. The suspect reportedly entered a TD Bank on the 400 block of North Beverwyck Road in Parsippany, handed the teller a threatening note, and demanded cash. After getting money, the suspect fled the scene in a car.

The third robbery happened on March 11, 2017. According to authorities, the suspect held up a TD Bank branch located in West Orange, NJ. After reportedly getting over $1,300 in cash, the suspect allegedly drove off in a motor vehicle.

Several law enforcement agencies investigated the robbery spree and eventually identified the possible robber as a 25-year-old man from Washington Township, NJ. Police later arrested the suspect without incident.

The suspect has been charged with multiple counts of armed robbery.

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Kinnelon NJ Burglary AttorneysPolice in Kinnelon NJ are trying to find a man who allegedly burglarized a local Dunkin’ Donuts shop.

According to authorities, the suspect illegally gained access to the donut shop and stole a safe filled with money.

Detectives with the Kinnelon Police Department conducted an investigation into the theft crime and determined that the suspect got inside the Route 23 store by first breaking into an adjacent store. Once the suspect was inside the other building, he reportedly cut a hole through the drywall and then pulled the safe through the hole.

The safe weighed between 100 pounds and 200 pounds. This is why the suspect had to use a motor vehicle to take the safe from the scene. According to law enforcement, the suspect stole a 1994 Dodge truck that was parked outside the Dunkin’ Donuts.

Store surveillance cameras captured the break-in, but the suspect was able to conceal his identity by covering his face. If investigators eventually apprehend the suspect, he would likely be charged with burglary and theft of movable property.

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