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Irvington Woman Accused of Child Abuse in Florham Park, New Jersey

Posted in Child Abuse
Florham Park law enforcement recently arrested an Irvington NJ woman accused of leaving her grandson alone in a parked vehicle. The woman was charged with child abuse and faces severe penalties. The suspect, a 56-year-old Irvington resident, went to Florham Park for a dental appointment and took her four-year-old grandchild along with her. The suspect… Continue Reading

Essex County Man Charged with Aggravated Manslaughter, Allegedly Killed Young Boy

Posted in Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Homicide
Prosecutors in Essex County recently made the decision to upgrade criminal charges against a mother and her boyfriend related to the death of the female suspect’s seven-year-old kid. The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office initially filed criminal charges against the adult suspects for child endangerment. However, the criminal charges were eventually upgraded to aggravated manslaughter when… Continue Reading