Denville NJ Dog Abuse ChargesDenville law enforcement is attempting to determine who may have abused a dog that ran away from its home for a day.

The dog is named “Duke” and reportedly ran away its home on East Glen Road in Denville, NJ. Duke’s owners contacted authorities to report that the dog was missing around 9:00 a.m.

It was nearly a full day before officials were able to locate the dog. Unfortunately, when the dog was found, it became clear that he had been abused. According to Morris County CrimeStoppers, the dog exhibited injuries “consistent with animal abuse.”

Anyone who abuses an animal in Morris County, or anywhere else in New Jersey, is subject to severe penalties because animal abuse is against the law. Right now, the Denville Police Department is investigating the possible abuse of Duke. If investigators are able to identify the person who abused Duke, criminal charges could be forthcoming.

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