Lincoln Park NJ Assault ChargesA Lincoln Park, NJ man was arrested after he allegedly used a knife to threaten a number of people at an apartment complex.

Lincoln Park, NJ police officers responded to a report of a man dangerously wielding a knife at a residence on George Cobb Lane. The individual who called 911 told dispatchers that they were being chased by a man with a knife.

The 911 caller gave officers a description of the man with the knife. Officers used this information to identify and later arrest the 24-year-old suspect.

According to police, the suspect was “highly intoxicated” when he was arrested. Police also said that the suspect vandalized a vehicle at the apartment complex.

After being arrested, the suspect was taken to Lincoln Park police headquarters, where he was formally charged with simple assault and criminal mischief.

In New Jersey, simple assault is governed under N.J.S.A. 2C:12:1(a). The statute classifies simple assault as a disorderly persons offense. If the suspect in this case is convicted of simple assault, he could be face up to six months in the county jail. Additionally, he could be subject to a fine of up to $1,000.

To learn more about this case, access the article entitled “Police: Man Chased 911 Caller with a Knife in Lincoln Park.


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