East Orange NJ Assault ChargesTwo men who have been accused of beating a man to death outside a Dover, NJ are going to answer for their charges in separate trials.

The victim’s body was found near Mero’s Lounge in 2011. According to authorities, one of the defendants was a bar bouncer who escorted the victim out of the bar for bothering other patrons. Shortly after that, the other defendant allegedly attacked the victim and hit him in the stomach with a metal pole. Prosecutors believe that these blows to the victim’s stomach caused his death.

During pre-trial hearings, prosecutors played a statement from one of the defendants that had been recorded by police. In the statement, the suspect apparently says that he was upset on the night of the incident because the victim had touched his wife’s rear end.

The suspect who is accused of hitting the victim has been charged with murder, while the other suspect faces aggravated assault charges.

Defense lawyers, who sought separate trials for the two defendants, argued in court that the defendants did not know each other and that their alleged actions on the night of the victim’s death constituted “two separate events.” The Morris County Superior Court judge agreed and set separate court dates for the defendants.

For more information about this case, read the NJ.com article entitled “Police: Separate Trials Will Be Held for 2 Men in Beatings That Left Man Dead near Dover Bar.


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