Dover NJ Cocaine Distribution SuspectTwo men suspected of heading a New Jersey drug distribution ring recently received prison sentences.

The two defendants were a 35-year-old Dover man and a 35-year-old Linden man. They were accused of leading a drug distribution ring which covered several counties in New Jersey, including Morris County, Essex County, Union County, and Warren County.

The defendants were arrested in June 2012. The arrests were the culmination of an investigation into the suspected drug ring. Authorities believe that the drug ring involved the distribution of heroin, cocaine, and prescription drugs.

The Dover NJ defendant faced drug distribution charges and attempted murder charges for allegedly shooting two men in Morristown in 2011. The Linden NJ defendant faces serious drug distribution charges as well.

The defendants ultimately accepted plea deals in September 2014. The deals called for them to plead guilty to reduced charges. The Dover NJ defendant pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and possession of a handgun for an unlawful purpose. The Linden defendant pleaded guilty to a single charge of possession of heroin with intent to distribute. 

The suspects were recently sentenced in in Morris County Superior Court in Morristown, NJ.

The Dover defendant received a sentence of 11 years in New Jersey State Prison. He will have to serve a minimum of 5 years before he becomes eligible for release on parole. Meanwhile, the Linden defendant received a sentence of 8 years in New Jersey State Prison. He will have to serve a minimum of three-and-a-half years before he becomes eligible for parole.

The sentencing hearing became heated when the prosecutor discussed the Dover defendant’s lengthy criminal history. According to the prosecutor, the Dover defendant has been previously convicted of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and eluding police.

The prosecutor also reminded the sentencing judge of the allegation that the defendant committed the Morristown shooting in 2011. The defendant responded by telling the judge, “I didn’t shoot anybody.”

For additional information about this case, see the article entitled “Accused Drug Ring Leader Denies Role in Morristown Shooting as He and Co-Defendant Are Sentenced.”


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