Boonton Township Assault LawyerPolice in Boonton Township NJ arrested a man for allegedly assaulting an officer.

Boonton Township police officers were called to the scene of a house party on Kingsland Road after receiving a noise complaint. When officers got to the house, they encountered several minors who were allegedly intoxicated.

The officers also reportedly encountered a 20-year-old partygoer who was highly intoxicated and behaving aggressively. When officers attempted to place the suspect under arrest, he allegedly resisted the officers’ attempts. During the course of resisting arrest, police said, the suspect assaulted one of the officers.

Once the suspect was subdued and placed in handcuffs, he was taken to Boonton Township police headquarters. According to police, the suspect continued to act rowdy and damaged property at the police station.

The suspect has been charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, and underage drinking, among other charges.

If the suspect is convicted of the aggravated assault charge, he could spend a very long time behind bars. That’s because N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1(b)(5)(a) classifies aggravated assault as either a third degree offense or a fourth degree offense when it is committed against a police officer. If the suspect is convicted of third degree aggravated assault, he may be sentenced to 3–5 years in NJ State Prison.

For more information, access the article entitled “Mine Hill Man Assaulted Police Officer Trying to Break up Underage Drinking Party, Boonton Township Police Say.”


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