Morris County Simple Assault AttorneysA Newark New Jersey woman has pleaded guilty to simple assault charges in connection with a violent incident at the Morris County Juvenile Detention Center in Morris Township, NJ.

The suspect, a 32-year-old Newark resident, worked as a corrections officer at a juvenile detention center in Morris County, New Jersey. She was employed at the facility for more than a decade before recently resigning.

According to law enforcement officials, the suspect violently assaulted a female detainee at the detention facility after the two of them got into a verbal altercation. The suspect allegedly punched and kicked the victim in her head.

The victim was in handcuffs and lying on the ground when the suspect allegedly assaulted her.

The assault by the suspect led to the victim suffering bruises and a swollen lip.

Police conducted an investigation into the suspect and ultimately decided to arrest her for use of excessive force.

The suspect eventually reached a plea deal with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and avoided trial in the case. Now she is expected to be sentenced to one year of probation on the simple assault charges.

Additionally, the suspect also agreed to resign from her position with the Morris County Juvenile Detention Center.

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