Morristown NJ Assault ChargesA Morristown man was arrested after allegedly kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach and hitting her on the head.

According to police, the 32-year-old suspect kicked the victim and then repeatedly punched her while sitting on her chest.

The woman reportedly suffered a large bruise on her right shoulder, another large bruise on her back, and a laceration on her lower lip.

The Morris County’s Prosecutor’s Office said that the woman had previously been attacked by the suspect and suffered a punctured eardrum.

After he was arrested, the suspect was taken to Morris County Jail. He later appeared at a bail hearing via closed circuit television. A Morris County Superior Court judge set the suspect’s bail at $75,000, with no 10-percent option available.

At the bail hearing, the suspect said that he did not realize the victim was pregnant. He also reportedly offered to attend counseling with the victim.

In addition to being charged with aggravated assault, the suspect faces a restraining order because this is considered a domestic violence incident.

To learn more, access the article entitled “Morristown Man Accused of Aggravated Assault on Pregnant Woman.”


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