Parsippany NJ Vandalism LawyerParsippany, NJ police are asking resident to be on the lookout for vandals.

Parsippany police recently received reports of 15 different incidents of vandalism that occurred over a two-night period. Police indicated that all of the alleged incidents of vandalism took place in the Lake Intervale area – on Redgate Road, Wood Glen Way, Woodcrest Road, and Glenbrook Road.

According to police, the resulting property damage included destroyed mailboxes, benches, fences, light posts, and a wooden swing set. Police said that the property damage caused by the vandals totaled thousands of dollars.

In New Jersey, the penalties for vandalism are set forth N.J.S.A. 2C:17-3, which prohibits criminal mischief. The statute classifies criminal mischief as a third degree felony, fourth degree felony, or disorderly persons offense, depending upon the circumstances. If any of the alleged vandals in these recent incidents are caught and convicted, they could face as many as five years in state prison.

Parsippany police issued a community bulletin that notified area residents of the alleged incidents of vandalism. Police cautioned resident to be careful and stay alert for other incidents.

Police have asked for the public’s assistance in gathering information about the recent vandalism incidents. Anyone who witnessed the vandalism or who has information about the vandals is asked to call officers at 973-263-4300.

For additional information, see the article entitled “Parsippany Cops: 15 Incidents of Vandalism over Just Two Nights.


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