Morris County NJ Domestic Violence ComplaintA sheriff in Morris County NJ is seeking the return of his weapons after they were seized in connection with a temporary restraining order that was filed against him.

The suspect will have the opportunity to argue for the return of his weapons at a weapons forfeiture hearing. It was initially scheduled for earlier this month in Morris County; however, the suspect’s high-ranking position in Morris County has led officials to transfer the hearing to a court in Paterson, NJ.

Moreover, the hearing date was pushed back and rescheduled for October 28 because prosecutors in the case need more time to conduct their investigation and gather information about the domestic violence incident.

Meanwhile, the suspect’s defense attorney is arguing for the immediate return of the suspect’s weapons because the original complaint was voluntarily dropped.

Law enforcement seized the suspect’s weapons in July after police received a domestic violence complaint. At the time, the suspect’s estranged wife filed a temporary restraining order against the suspect.

NJ state guidelines call for very specific procedures in domestic violence situations. As a result, the weapons cannot be returned until a hearing is held to determine whether the suspect poses a threat to his wife and/or the community.

To learn more, access the article entitled “Morris Sheriff Wants His Guns Back, but Domestic Violence Unit Has ‘Continuing Investigation.’”


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