Jefferson Township Man Allegedly Assaulted Girlfriend, Resisted Arrest

New Jersey State Trooper ShootingAuthorities have cleared a New Jersey State Police trooper who shot a domestic violence suspect in Jefferson Township last year. The police shooting happened in May 2017. New Jersey State troopers went to a residence on Brady Road in Jefferson Township, NJ after police received a report of an assault. According to officials, the suspect’s girlfriend was found walking along Route 80 with visible injuries to her face. Police determined that the suspect assaulted his girlfriend in a car on Route 80 and then ordered the victim out of the car before driving away.

When NJ State Police troopers went to the Jefferson Township home of the suspect, they found 36-year-old Matthew Gerndt inside the house. Gerndt allegedly charged at police when they entered the home. One of the troopers then shot at Gerndt, striking him one time in the left buttock. Gerndt was then placed under arrest and taken to Morristown Medical Center for medical treatment. Gerndt’s blood was drawn at the hospital, with the blood test reportedly showing that Gerndt had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .29 percent. Although Gerndt’s BAC was significantly higher than the legal limit of .08 percent in NJ, he was not charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) because police could not prove that he was driving a motor vehicle while drunk.

Gerndt was still charged with multiple crimes: domestic violence assault and resisting arrest. Those criminal charges are still pending, so Gerndt would likely face severe penalties if he is convicted in Morris County Superior Court in Morristown, New Jersey.

NJ State Trooper Cleared in Shooting of Domestic Violence Suspect

The New Jersey State trooper who shot Gerndt was investigated by the NJ Attorney General’s Office, which is what happens in all NJ police shootings. That investigation led to the trooper being cleared of wrongdoing in the case. According to officials, the trooper was legally justified in the shooting because Gerndt attempted to assault the troopers when they entered the Jefferson Township house.

Investigators said that the New Jersey State troopers clearly identified themselves as police officers before opening each door inside the residence. The troopers also got authorization from the landlord prior to going inside the home.

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