A Bronx NY man accused of importing cocaine and then selling the drug to street dealers in New Jersey and New York recently pleaded guilty to a related drug charge.

The 52-year-old suspect was among a group of 15 people who were arrested after a major investigation into an alleged drug ring. The investigation began when a patrolman with the Morristown Bureau of Police gathered intelligence about the suspected drug operation. Morristown police and the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Narcotics Task Force then formed a multi-agency task force to investigate the alleged drug ring.

When the arrests were made, police reportedly seized more than 930 grams of cocaine, 4 pounds of marijuana, and more than $7,000 in cash. According to authorities, the cocaine has a street value in excess of $93,000.

The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office said that six of the people arrested are past violent offenders.

According to authorities, the suspect was an integral part of the cocaine distribution network. The suspect allegedly imported large quantities of cocaine and then sold the drugs to dealers in several New Jersey counties, including Hudson County, Union County, Bergen County, and Passaic County. Prosecutors said that the suspect also sold the drugs to street-level dealers in New York City.

The suspect has pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute cocaine. The charge stems from the suspect’s arrest in Montville NJ in September. Prosecutors believe that the drug conspiracy was centered in Montville.

As part of the plea deal, the prosecutor in the case will reportedly recommend a sentence of 12 years in New Jersey State Prison. Additionally, the suspect will be subject to possible deportation after his release from prison.

For additional information about this case, view the NJ.com article entitled “Drug Network of Older Suspects: 52-Year-Old near Top of Chart Pleads Guilty.”


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