Dover NJ Marijuana Distribution LawyerDover, NJ police recently arrested several people in a crackdown on illegal activity at downtown restaurants.

According to a statement issued by the Dover public safety director, three individuals were arrested and charged with various crimes. Additionally, three downtown restaurants were cited by police.

A 23-year-old female was arrested and charged with prostitution. The suspect hails from Dover. Another Dover resident, a 20-year-old male, was charged with possession and distribution of marijuana. Meanwhile, a 34-year-old Morristown resident was charged with possession and distribution of synthetic marijuana.

At this time, Dover police have not revealed the specific circumstances of any of the arrests or whether any of the individuals charged with crimes have connections to the restaurants.

If any of the suspects are convicted, they could be looking at significant penalties. For example, the suspect charged with distribution of marijuana might be sentenced to serious prison time, depending upon the quantity of marijuana he is accused of distributing. As set forth by N.J.S.A. 2C:35-5, distribution of marijuana can be classified as a third degree felony if the quantity involved is one ounce or more. A conviction for third degree distribution of marijuana carries a potential term of incarceration of between three and five years in New Jersey State Prison.

For more information about the recent arrests in Dover, check out the article entitled “Drugs, Booze and Prostitution: Dover Police Target Downtown.”


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