East Hanover NJ Synthetic Marijuana LawyerKellen Winslow Jr., a former player for the New York Jets football team, received a conditional discharge in his synthetic marijuana case.

Winslow had been accused of possessing Fubinaca, an ingredient in designed drugs. Police allegedly found Winslow with the drug when he was arrested last year. Prosecutors said that Winslow’s Cadillac Escalade SUV had 14 plastic baggies filled with Fubinaca.

Appearing in court, Winslow’s defense attorney argued that the charges should be dismissed because the substance in question was not illegal under any federal or state laws when Winslow was arrested.

However, the municipal court judge in East Hanover, NJ refused to dismiss the charges because New Jersey state law prohibits the possession of any substance that “mimics” the effects of marijuana. According to the judge, Fubinaca falls under this category.

Although the judge denied Winslow’s request to have the charges dismissed, Winslow was able to gain admittance into the conditional discharge program. As a result, the charges against Winslow will eventually be dismissed so long as he is able to meet the program’s strict requirements. Winslow will need to stay arrest-free and meet on a regular basis with probation officers for one year. Since Winslow now resides in Austin, Texas, he will be required to report to probation officials in Texas.

To learn more, access the NJ.com article entitled “Ex-Jet Kellen Winslow Gets Conditional Discharge without a Guilty Finding in Synthetic Marijuana Case.


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