Morris Township NJ Heroin Possession ChargesMorris Township NJ police recently used Naloxone to revive a man who lost consciousness after a suspected heroin overdose.

The Morris Township Police Department received a call about an emergency at the Homeless Solutions facility in Morristown, New Jersey. When police officers got to the scene, they found the 26-year-old suspect lying on a bathroom floor; he was unconscious at the time.

Police checked the suspect’s vital signs and noticed that he had a weak pulse, as well as blue lips. Fearing that the suspect was an overdose victim, police officers administered a dose of Naloxone, a medication intended to help reverse the effects of a drug overdose.

As a result of the Naloxone, the suspect regained consciousness and became responsive.

Shortly after the suspect regained consciousness, he reportedly told police that he had not been using drugs. The suspect’s claim seemed particularly unbelievable when police officers reportedly discovered seven folds of heroin, an uncapped hypodermic needle, and other drug paraphernalia in a bathroom stall.

The suspect was transported to Morristown Medical Center, where he received further medical treatment.

At this time, it is unclear if the suspect will face criminal charges for heroin possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to law enforcement, this was the first time the Morris Township Police Department has needed to administer Naloxone. Morris Township police officers first received training on how to use Naloxone last fall.

For additional information about this case, go to the article entitled “After Cops Revive Man with Naloxone, He Denies Drug Use, Morris Township Police Say.”