Mount Olive NJ Heroin LawyerMount Olive, NJ police busted a man who was allegedly high on heroin at a local playground frequented by area children.

A Mount Olive police officer was called to the scene after police received a report of an apparently intoxicated man present at the playground. When the officer got to the playground, located on Brock Lane, he allegedly encountered the 24-year-old suspect fast asleep on the premises.

The officer said that when he walked closer to the suspect, he saw a syringe lying on the ground. Authorities believe that the suspect used the needle to inject heroin while at the playground.

The suspect was placed under arrest and taken away from the playground. According to police, a pat-down of the suspect resulted in police finding heroin, a second syringe, and drug paraphernalia.

The suspect was charged with possession of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia, and being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS).

Heroin possession is considered a very serious offense under the NJ criminal code. N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10 classifies possession of even a small amount of heroin as a third degree felony. If the suspect in this case is convicted of third degree heroin possession, he could face up to five years in NJ State Prison.

For additional information about this case, see the article entitled “Cops: Man Was Unconscious, on Heroin, in Mount Olive Playground.”


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