Parsippany NJ Cocaine SentenceA NY man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for transporting cocaine valued at $750,000.

According to prosecutors, police discovered the cocaine after stopping the defendant’s vehicle on Route 80 East. The New Jersey State Police Drug Trafficking North Unit was investigating the defendant after receiving a tip that his vehicle was being used to transport drugs. When the defendant’s Subaru merged from Route 80 East onto Route 287 North and struck a limousine, officers stopped the car.

Officers questioned the vehicle’s occupants and received conflicting stories. As a result, detectives asked for – and received – consent to search the car. During the search of the vehicle, officers found the 24 kilograms of packaged cocaine hidden in a secret compartment.

Prosecutors said that the defendant admitted to receiving $15,000 in exchange for moving the drugs from California to New York.

The defendant was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. After pleading guilty, the defendant was sentenced to serve 10 years in NJ State Prison. He will also be ineligible for parole for the first three-and-a-half years of his sentence. 

To learn more about this case, read the article entitled “Man Sentenced to 10 Years for Driving $750,000 Worth of Cocaine through NJ.”


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