Parsippany NJ Marijuana ManufacturingParsippany, NJ police arrested a man for allegedly manufacturing drugs out of his home.

When detectives placed 25-year-old Parsippany resident Vincent Batyr under arrest, it was the culmination of an investigation that had lasted for weeks.

Police took Batyr into custody after issuing a search warrant. According to police, the search of Batyr’s residence turned up plenty of evidence of drug manufacturing, including two pounds of marijuana, 16 grams of MDMA, six codeine/Tylenol pills, four digital scales, one glass water bong, two grinders, drug packaging folds, one gas mask, and $1,216 in cash. Police confiscated these items and placed them into evidence.

After being arrested, Batyr was charged with drug manufacturing, marijuana distributionmarijuana possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Batyr was later taken to the Morris County Correctional Facility on $10,000 bail.


To learn more about this case, see the article entitled “Police: Parsippany Man Had Drugs, Manufacturing Equipment in His Home.”


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