Morris County NJ Prescription Drug LawyersMorris County law enforcement officials are cracking down on prescription drug abuse in an attempt to stop the sharp rise in fatal drug overdoses.

Brad Seabury is the Morris County chief assistant prosecutor. He recently spoke at a Morris County summit on opiate addiction and recovery and said that there have been way too many grieving parents who lost their children to drug addiction and abuse.

According to statistics presented at the conference, 62 people died as a result of fatal opiate overdoses in Morris County NJ last year. Additionally, there have been 11 fatal opiate overdoses in Morris County so far this year.

Morris County cops and prosecutors are now responding to the county’s prescription drug epidemic by cracking down on prescription drug crimes. There are many different types of prescription drug offenses: a drug addict can unlawfully possess prescription opioids without a valid prescription from a physician, a drug user can commit prescription fraud by forging prescriptions on stolen prescription pads, and a doctor can fail to provide full medical evaluations to patients prior to prescribing medication.

For additional information, check out the article, “Heroin, Prescription Drug Overdoses Continue to Rise in Morris County.”