Rockaway NJ Drug Crime AttorneysPolice officers recently arrested three individuals, including a Rockaway resident, who were allegedly selling crack cocaine and buying crack cocaine at a Newark liquor store.

Newark NJ authorities started an investigation after getting a tip about illegal drug activity at Cline Liquor Store on Clinton Avenue in the city’s South Ward. The Newark Police Department and the Essex County Sheriff’s Office worked together on the investigation and had detectives conduct surveillance on the liquor store.

Police officers watching the store reporting saw the suspects engage in a drug deal. According to law enforcement, a 28-year-old Newark NJ woman handed crack cocaine to a 36-year-old Rockaway NJ man outside the liquor store.

The Rockaway suspect drove off in a car, with cops following close behind. When police pulled over the suspect and searched his vehicle, they allegedly discovered a Ziploc bag with crack cocaine.

When Newark NJ police officers searched the liquor store, they reportedly found 50 bags of crack cocaine behind a counter.

Two Essex County residents, including one person who reportedly worked at the Newark NJ liquor store, face criminal charges for cocaine distribution, while the Rockaway NJ suspect faces criminal charges for cocaine possession.

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