Stanhope New Jersey Marijuana LawyersStanhope NJ police recently arrested a local man accused of growing and cultivating more than 60 marijuana outside his home.

According to authorities, Stanhope New Jersey police first became aware of the possible drug distribution when a concerned citizen contacted police. A Stanhope NJ sergeant was working a construction detail at Route 183 and Main Street when the citizen walked up to him.

The citizen told the officer that someone was growing pot plants at a house located across the street from the construction detail.

The Stanhope officer walked across the street and viewed the side of the house. The officer allegedly saw what appeared to be marijuana plants outside the home.

The Stanhope police officer then alerted a Stanhope NJ detective about the alleged drug activity. The detective reached out to the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office and investigated further.

Police eventually obtained a warrant and arrested the 51-year-old suspect.

During a subsequent search of the suspect’s home, police allegedly discovered 63 marijuana plants. This was the record-setting seizure of marijuana plants for the Stanhope Police Department.

The suspect faces serious drug charges, including first degree distribution of marijuana.

The suspect managed to secure his release from police custody by posting bail.

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