Morris County NJ Drug Crime LawyersA Sussex New Jersey woman who reportedly got advance notice about court-ordered surprise drug tests will be allowed to stay in the Morris County Drug Court Program.

The suspect is a 23-year-old woman from Sussex Borough, New Jersey. She was arrested by Rockaway Township police and charged with heroin possession in 2015.

The suspect faced severe penalties if convicted at trial, but she avoided trial when she got admitted into the Morris County Drug Court Program. Drug Court provides non-violent drug crime offenders with an alternative sentencing option. As long as the defendant can stay out of trouble, pass random drug tests, and meet other program requirements, they will stay on probation as opposed to being sentenced to jail time.

The suspect was initially admitted into the Morris County Drug Court Program, but she was later transferred to the Sussex County Drug Court Program because she lives in Sussex County, NJ.

The suspect got into trouble when she allegedly started a sexual relationship with a Sussex County Sheriff’s Officer in exchange for notice about random drug tests.

Now the sheriff’s officer could be headed to prison, while the suspect will be allowed to remain in the Drug Court Program and continue to receive treatment for her drug addiction problems.

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