Parsippany NJ Marijuana Distribution AttorneysA Morris County grand jury recently indicted two Parsippany NJ men on charges of maintaining a marijuana production facility.

The suspects include a 58-year-old male and a 40-year-old male who lived in the Mount Tabor section of Parsippany, New Jersey. The suspects reportedly used a residence located on Force Place as a base of operations for growing marijuana.

Parsippany NJ police got a tip about illegal drug activity at the residence and opened an investigation. Police soon got a search warrant and executed the warrant at the Force Place residence.

When police conducted a search of the Parsippany NJ residence, they allegedly found 59 marijuana plants. According to authorities, the suspects were cultivating the marijuana plants for distribution.

Both suspects face criminal charges for the drug offense of maintaining a drug production facility. Additionally, the suspects have been charged with other drugs crimes, including possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession of marijuana.

If the suspects are ultimately convicted, they face severe penalties. That’s because the NJ Criminal Code classifies maintaining a marijuana production facility as a first degree crime when the facility has more than 10 marijuana plants.

The suspects could be headed to trial after a Morris County grand jury indicted them on the drug crime charges.

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