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Florham Park DWI Charges

Have you been arrested and charged with DWI in Florham Park? Do you need a lawyer to fight these charges for you in court? We can help.

Our Morris County DWI defense lawyers recently represented a client facing a first offense DWI ticket arising out of Florham Park, NJ. He also received summonses for careless driving, speeding, and unsafe lane change. His purported blood alcohol content (BAC) was .09%, just over the legal limit in New Jersey of .08%. If convicted of the DWI, as a first offender, he would lose his driving privileges in NJ for 90 days, he would be sentenced to 12-48 hours of alcohol classes at DMV, pay a fine close to $800, and would be subject to 30 days in jail.

We received the discovery package from the Florham Park police department. Discovery is all the evidence the State possesses that they intend to rely upon to prove the charges against the defendant. Discovery in a DWI case typically includes police reports, video evidence, accident reports (if applicable), and all the documents relating to the Alcotest machine, the breath testing device they use in NJ. These Alcotest documents include solution change reports, calibration records, any repair records, and the Alcohol Influence Report which shows the breath samples taken and both the electrochemical and infrared results of the breath samples.

In this case, after reviewing all the evidence, we were able to challenge the breath reading and show that the defendant was not necessarily over the limit. In addition, he performed very well on the field sobriety tests so the State could not prove the DWI based on the psychophysical evidence.

As a result, the DWI charge was completely dismissed. The client plead guilty to careless driving and unsafe lane change. He lost his driver’s license for 60 days. This was a great result for our client and the law firm. The client avoided a DWI conviction on his record as well as $3,000 in DMV surcharges, fines, alcohol classes, and jail time. In addition, his car insurance would have significantly risen had he been convicted of the DWI.

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