Denville NJ Providing Alcohol to Minors LawyerPolice in Denville NJ recently arrested a man who is accused of selling alcohol to underage kids in Rockaway Township, NJ.

According to police, the 26-year-old suspect generated a large amount of cash by selling the alcohol, at a price markup, to high school kids.

An undercover Denville detective was stationed in the parking lot of a ShopRite in Rockaway Township on Route 46 when he allegedly witnesses the suspect buying alcohol. According to the detective, the suspect then handed the alcohol to a minor; the minor allegedly gave the suspect cash during the handoff.

Denville police and Rockaway Township police collaborated on a joint investigation into the suspect. As part of the investigation, detectives looked at the suspect’s cell phone records and reportedly discovered that the suspect intended to buy alcohol for at least a dozen underage individuals on New Year’s Eve.

Moreover, investigators allegedly learned that the suspect purchased booze for underage kids at least 100 times during the past year.

Authorities believe that the suspect made thousands of dollars in profits by selling alcohol to minors.

The suspect was arrested on New Year’s Eve and charged with providing alcohol to minors. After being booked, the suspect was released from custody on his own recognizance.

The investigation into the suspect did not result in any minors being charged with underage drinking.


For more information about this case, read the article entitled “Rockaway Man Pulled in ‘Thousands of Dollars’ Selling Beer to Underage Kids, Police Say.”