Randolph NJ Drunk Driving ChargesA rave at the Nash Dance Center in Randolph NJ apparently got out of control and resulted in one teenage partygoer being taken to a local hospital.

The party was promoted by “Teen Pulse Nightlife.” Prior to the event, police had expressed concerned that the party might get out of hand. Randolph police told organizers that they should cancel the event. However, organizers went ahead with the event and sold 1,000 tickets. Additionally, Randolph’s zoning officer warned the owners of the dance center that they would be in violation of Randolph township zoning codes.

On the day of the event, several Randolph police officers and the Randolph fire official arrived at the venue before the party began. Within two hours, a number of intoxicated teens had to be removed from the event. According to police, some of the partygoers were so intoxicated that they were vomiting on themselves. A female teen had to be taken to a local hospital by paramedics and EMS.

When the building’s fire alarm went off, the dance center had to be evacuated. Police then determined that they could not guarantee the safety of the event’s patrons, so they shut down the party.

Although no criminal charges were filed against the party organizers, the dance center owners were issued several zoning summonses.


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