Rockaway Township DWI Law FirmA Rockaway Township NJ woman will be spending several years behind bars after she pleaded guilty to criminal charges related to a fatal drunk driving accident this past summer.

The car accident occurred just after 9:40 p.m. on June 26, 2016. The motorist, a 63-year-old resident of Rockaway Township, was driving her red 2001 Chevrolet along Upper Hibernia Road in Rockaway when she lost control of the car and went off the road. The vehicle eventually stopped after hitting a tree and a mailbox.

The driver sustained significant injuries in the accident, as did her adult son. The injured passenger was the driver’s 40-year-old son, a developmentally disabled man who also resided in Rockaway Township, NJ.
The driver was transported via ambulance to Morristown Medical Center, while the passenger was

taken via helicopter to the hospital. Tragically, the injured passenger died three days later as a result of his injuries.

A blood test later revealed that the suspect’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was .264 percent, which is well above the legal limit of .08 percent in New Jersey. The suspect was subsequently charged with death by auto and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).

Moreover, Morris County prosecutors learned that the suspect had a previous DWI conviction on her record. According to authorities, the suspect was intoxicated when she crashed her car while driving in Rockaway Township in April 2014.

The suspect was formerly employed as a transportation supervisor for the Rockaway Township school district. However, she was terminated from her job after the 2014 DWI accident.

Now the suspect is probably on her way to prison after pleading guilty to death by auto and Driving While Intoxicated for the recent DWI accident. The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office is expected to recommend that the suspect be sentenced to five years in New Jersey State Prison.

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