Vernon New Jersey DUI AttorneysVernon NJ police arrested a local woman accused of being under the influence of drugs when she went to Vernon police headquarters.

The suspect went to the police station so that she could file a police report.

According to law enforcement, the suspect drove her personal vehicle to the station and spoke with a police officer. The officer allegedly observed the suspect and noticed that she was slurring her words as she attempted to speak. Moreover, the officer reportedly saw that the suspect was struggling to stay awake while waiting in the police station lobby.

After the suspect filled out a police report and gave it to the officer, she exited the building and walked toward the parking lot. A police officer followed the suspect and saw her get into her car.

Before the suspect was able to start her vehicle, police asked her to get out of the car because she was suspected of being drunk and/or high.

Police officers then administered a series of field sobriety tests to the suspect. According to authorities, the suspect failed to adequately complete the field sobriety tests.

The suspect was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI).

The suspect was also charged with possession of a prescription legend drug and possession of a Schedule I substance because police officers allegedly found drugs inside her car.

After the suspect was arrested and processed, she was released to the custody of a friend. She will be required to appear in Sussex County Superior Court at a later date in order to address the charges against her.

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