Morristown NJ Gun LawywerThe weapon possession case against a former NY Jets football player was postponed after attorneys agreed to reschedule proceedings.

Mike Goodson, who faces charges of unlawfully possessing a handgun, was scheduled to appear in Morris County Superior Court in Morristown for a status conference. However, attorneys on both sides agreed to postpone the matter because a defense attorney and the assistant prosecutor were unavailable.

A prosecutor appearing in court said that the lawyers had decided to “put the matter off.”

The status conference was rescheduled for early August.

Goodson’s attorneys are expected to seek a dismissal of the charges against the former professional football player. They will likely argue that the .45 caliber handgun, allegedly found in the glove box of an SUV occupied by Goodson and his co-defendant, was illegally seized by police. When police arrested Goodson, his vehicle was stopped in the center lane on Interstate 80.

As set forth by N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5, illegal possession of a handgun is a third degree criminal offense. If Goodson is convicted of this felony-level offense, he could be sentenced to between three and five years in New Jersey State Prison.

To learn more about this case, access the article entitled “Court Date Postponed Again in Weapons Case Against Ex-Jet Goodson.”


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