Morristown NJ Homicide LawyerThree people were arrested and charged in the recent shooting death of a 19-year-old college student in West Orange, NJ.

According to Essex County prosecutors, one of the suspects hails from Washington State, where he was wanted on suspicion of committing a double-murder; the other two suspects are teenagers from West Orange.

The victim hailed from Livingston, NJ. He has just finished his freshman year at the University of Richmond.

Police said that the victim’s body was found in a Jeep parked outside an apartment complex on Northfield Avenue in West Orange.

According to authorities, the victim was killed in a robbery. Investigators determined that he had stopped at a traffic light when several strangers approached the vehicle on foot and robbed him. The suspect was shot eight times, after which the adult suspect allegedly drove the vehicle – with the victim’s body still inside – to an apartment complex.

Federal investigators quickly identified the adult as a suspect in the shooting and tracked him to a wooded area in West Orange. The suspect is a registered sex offender who was wanted for two homicides in Seattle, WA. When authorities located the suspect, he allegedly had a gun matching the gun used in the West Orange shooting.

Prosecutors believe that the adult suspect pulled the trigger of the gun that killed the victim. The two teenagers are accused of being accomplices in the killing.

All of the suspects in the case have been charged with murder and robbery, as well as various weapons offenses.

For more information, check out the CBS New York article entitled “3 Charged in Connection with Shooting Death of College Student in West Orange.”


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