Morristown Heroin Distribution LawyersA man accused of selling fatal drugs is likely to spend several years in prison after he pleaded guilty to strict liability homicide.

The suspect is a 34-year-old whose last known address was in Hillside, New Jersey. According to Morris County law enforcement officials, the suspect sold heroin and cocaine to a man in Morris County, New Jersey. The victim, a 31-year-old Essex County resident, later died due to a drug overdose at a Hanover NJ motel.

Detectives investigated the victim’s death and determined that the suspect sold the victim heroin and cocaine that led to the fatal overdose.

Police officers found the suspect in Newark New Jersey and placed him under arrest. He was initially charged with heroin distribution, cocaine distribution, and manslaughter.

The suspect ultimately avoided trial in the case by reaching a plea deal with Morris County prosecutors. He pleaded guilty to first degree charges for strict liability for drug-induced death.

The suspect will have to make an appearance in Morris County Superior Court in Morristown later this year for a formal sentencing hearing. He could potentially be sentenced to eight years in state prison.

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