Boonton Township Murder ConvictionA Morris County NJ jury found a man guilty of plotting to murder his wife in Boonton Township, NJ.

The killing occurred in August 2011 when the defendant’s mistress shot his wife in Boonton, New Jersey. The mistress fired three gunshots, hitting both the defendant and the victim as they walked together on a Boonton street. The defendant, his wife, and their two young children were in Boonton to celebrate the end of Ramadan, the Muslim holiday.

Prosecutors said that the defendant actually had three girlfriends – despite the fact that he was married with two children.

The defendant and his mistress were able to communicate with each other via cell phone prior to the shooting. According to prosecutors, text messages show that the defendant and his mistress conspired to kill the defendant’s wife.

During the defendant’s trial in Morris County Superior Court, the mistress testified that the defendant cajoled her into committing the murder.

Additionally, the mistress testified that the defendant procured the handguns used in the fatal shooting.

The defendant’s attorneys argued that the mistress acted alone in the killing.

After the trial, the jury deliberated for less than four hours before arriving at a guilty verdict. The jury found the defendant guilty of first degree murder.

The jury also rendered guilty verdicts on a number of other criminal charges, including unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, endangering the welfare of a child, child abuse, and hindering apprehension.

The defendant’s face remained stoic while the jury announced the verdict.

When the defendant is ultimately sentenced, he could be sentenced to life in New Jersey State Prison.

The mistress previously pleaded guilty to the homicide. She faces a minimum term of incarceration of 30 years.


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