Morristown NJ Man Facing Charges for Chicago MurderA Morristown NJ man was arrested in connection with a grisly love-triangle slaying in Chicago.

28-year-old Milton J. Miranda is accused of slitting the throat of Jose Reyes on May 21 in Chicago. Authorities believe that Mr. Miranda then decapitated the victim. According to police, the victim was the brother of a former boyfriend of 19-year-old Daisy Gutierrez. Police believe that Ms. Gutierrez lured the victim into a Chicago apartment, where she distracted him by performing a striptease routine. Then, police say, Mr. Miranda brutally attacked the victim with a steel pipe and a knife.

Mr. Miranda has a lengthy criminal record. Recently, Mr. Miranda was arrested in Denville NJ in an identity theft case. After arresting Mr. Miranda, Denville police discovered that Mr. Miranda was considered a “fugitive from justice” in New Jersey since he had failed to appear in a Morristown court on domestic violence charges. Additionally, Mr. Miranda was already facing charges of aggravated assault and unlawful ossession of a weapon.

While Denville police looked into Mr. Miranda’s criminal record, they identified him as the suspect in the Chicago slaying.

At a hearing in Morris County Superior Court in Morristown NJ, Mr. Miranda was ordered held without bail because he is wanted on the murder charge in Chicago. While awaiting extradition to Illinois, Ms. Gutierrez is being held in Morristown in lieu of $2 million bail.


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