Roxbury NJ Murder Defense LawyersA man from Oklahoma man faces first degree murder charges stemming from the death of his wife, a Roxbury woman, in 2009.

The suspect is from LeFlore County in Oklahoma. He married the victim, a 23-year-old woman who used to reside in Roxbury, NJ, in 2008. In fact, the victim reportedly moved to Oklahoma in order to marry the suspect.

One year after the marriage, the victim was killed. Her body was found outdoors in Heavener, Oklahoma.

Law enforcement in Oklahoma did not stop investigating the homicide – and now they have connected the suspect to the killing. Authorities believe that the suspect murdered his wife and then got help from his mom when disposing of the body.

The suspect was recently arrested and charged with multiple crimes: first degree murder and unlawful disposal of a body.

The suspect and the victim reportedly had a young daughter who is now eight years old. If the suspect is convicted on the murder charges, he would likely lose custody of his child.

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