Juvenile Crime Attorneys in Randolph NJOfficials at the main high school in Randolph, NJ recently apologized to some of the students who were required to undergo blood testing at a football game. The testing was imposed on the students in conjunction with an investigation into alleged underage possession of alcohol.

The controversial situation occurred on the campus of Randolph High School in Morris County, New Jersey. School officials were seated in the front row at a school football game when someone reportedly tossed a beer bottle from above and nearly hit one of the adults.

Randolph High School officials then looked into the matter and, as part of the investigation, enforced school rules that require students to be tested for alcohol and drugs through blood and urinalysis screening.

The mandatory testing caused an uproar among students and their parents and led to the Randolph School Board getting involved. Now the Randolph superintendent of schools has issued an apology to students who did not use alcohol or drugs at the game. Jennifer Fano recently stated that it was regrettable that the “well-behaved and respectful students who did not consume alcohol or illegal substances” had to be tested.

Five underage students reportedly tested positive for alcohol, but it is not clear if any of the minors were charged with a juvenile crime such as underage possession of alcohol.

For additional information about this case, read the NJ.com article, “Superintendent Says Sorry to Kids Who Tested Clean for Booze at Football Game.”