Washington Township NJ Criminal AttorneysPolice recently arrested a Long Valley man who allegedly made prank 911 calls to Washington Township law enforcement and falsely reporting a disturbance.

According to law enforcement officials, the suspect dialed 911 on Sunday and said that police were needed at a home located on East Mill Road in Washington Township, New Jersey. The suspect reportedly said that there was a disturbance at the house.

When Washington Township cops got to the neighborhood, they could not find the residence. The suspect then told police about disturbances at a residence on Schooleys Mountain Road and at two other locations in Washington Township, NJ. It turns out that all of the calls were jokes.

Detectives investigated the situation and found the suspect on Lawrence Trail. He was subsequently placed under arrest.

The suspect, a 30-year-old man who lives in the Long Valley section of Washington Township, has been charged with obstructing administrative law.

For additional information about this case, read the NJ.com article, “Washington Twp. Man Arrested for Allegedly Calling Cops As ‘Joke,’ Report Says.”