Rockaway Township Police Officer Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Minors

Sexual Assault Charges for Rockaway Township CopA Morris County grand jury recently indicted a Rockaway Township police officer on sex offense charges for allegedly sexually assaulting two juvenile girls while he was on active duty. The suspect is Wilfredo Guzman, a 40-year-old man who resides in Rockaway Township and who served with the Rockaway Township Police Department. Guzman has been suspended without pay, pending the outcome of his criminal charges.

According to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, Guzman engaged in acts involving sexual penetration with a 15-year-old girl and a 16-year-old girl in 2014 and 2015. Some of those acts reportedly occurred at a police station at the Rockaway Townsquare mall, at a motel in Rockaway Township, NJ, and in Guzman’s police patrol vehicle while he was on duty. Morris County prosecutors have also allegedly that Guzman provided the minors with alcohol and prescription drugs.

NJ Sexual Assault Charges & Penalties

Guzman has been charged with several criminal offenses, including sexual assault, child endangerment, official misconduct, and possession of child pornography. All of the criminal charges have been classified as felonies, meaning that they could result in severe penalties like prison time, fines, and Megan’s Law sex offender registration requirements. Beyond that, sexual assault has a presumption of incarceration: if convicted, Guzman would likely be unable to get a probationary sentence to stay out jail.

When Guzman was arrested in April, he agreed to wear an electronic monitoring device in order to get released from the Morris County Jail in Morristown. Additionally, Guzman was ordered to abide by the terms of a no-contact order barring him from contact with either of the two alleged victims. If Guzman violates the no-contact order, he could be charged with more crimes under N.J.S.A. 2C:29-9.

Guzman has now been indicted by a grand jury, which means that he could eventually stand trial on the sex crime charges in Morris County Superior Court. If Guzman does not reach a pre-trial plea agreement, his fate would probably be decided by a jury. In addition to facing legal consequences, Guzman could also permanently lose his job with the Rockaway Township Police Department if he is ultimately convicted in the case. (Guzman is currently suspended from his role with the police force.)

Experienced Morristown Criminal Defense Lawyer Defends Clients Against Sex Crime Charges in New Jersey

A conviction for a sex crime in New Jersey could destroy your life. Not only could you end up behind bars for a very long time, but you could also find your employment, your reputation, and your family life affected in a negative way. The best way to fight back against sex crime charges in NJ is to have a qualified criminal defense attorney on your side early in the process. Travis Tormey is an experienced criminal lawyer who is prepared to defend clients against sexual assault charges in Rockaway Township, Morristown, Parsippany, and everywhere else in Morris County, NJ.

Before he founded the Tormey Law Firm, Attorney Tormey worked with the sex crime unit of the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Now Attorney Tormey and his skilled legal team fight on behalf of defendants in criminal cases. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Morris County, NJ Man Charged with Lewdness in Delaware

Lewdness Charges for Morristown ManA Morristown, New Jersey man was recently placed on leave from his high-ranking executive position at an Essex County, NJ hospital after he was arrested for allegedly committing numerous sex offenses in Delaware.

The suspect is 57-year-old Gerald Picerno, who resides in Morristown NJ and who reportedly serves as the chief strategy officer at RWJBarnabas Health in West Orange, NJ. According to authorities, Picerno faces criminal charges after law enforcement in Delaware connected him to multiple incidents involving lewd behavior around the University of Delaware campus. The first three incidents reportedly occurred during a span of a few hours on September 15. Picerno allegedly put a lewd note on a chair outside a residence on South Chapel Street. Later, Picerno allegedly walked toward a woman seated in a car parked along the 100 block of East Main Street and started to masturbate. Then, less than a half-hour after that incident, Picerno allegedly removed his clothing and approached two females in a parking lot on the 200 block of East Main Street. The fourth lewd incident happened one month later, on October 15, with Picerno allegedly exposing himself to a person at the Roselle Center for the Arts on the University of Delaware campus.

Police detectives in Delaware investigated the alleged sex crimes and eventually identified Picerno as a possible suspect. Investigators reportedly matched Picerno’s fingerprints to the harassing letter that was left at the first residence and detectives reportedly got video surveillance footage showing Picerno walking around the University of Delaware campus at the time of the lewd sex acts.

Significant Penalties for Sex Crime Convictions

Picerno faces numerous criminal charges, including charges for lewdness, indecent exposure, criminal trespassing, and harassment. Moreover, since police in Delaware are still investigating Picerno, it’s possible that additional charges could be forthcoming. Although the criminal charges were filed in Delaware, a conviction could affect Picerno in his home state of NJ as well.

In addition to facing criminal charges in Delaware, Picerno’s job at RWJBarnabas in New Jersey could be in jeopardy because of his alleged criminal misconduct. Not long after Delaware authorities placed Picerno under arrest, an RWJBarnabas spokesperson sent an email to the media and stated that Picerno had been “placed on leave.”

Contact an Aggressive Morris County, NJ Criminal Defense Attorney Who Will Help You Fight Sex Crime Charges

When it comes to sex crime charges in NJ, or in another state, it is imperative that you build a strong defense right from the beginning. That’s because even being accused of a sex offense can cause serious problems in your personal life and affect your social relationships and employment status.

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Fraud Lawyer in Parsippany NJThree NY doctors have been sentenced to hard time in prison for their roles in a medical testing scam that involved a laboratory in Parsippany, NJ.

The suspects include a 45-year-old Staten Island, New York man, a 49-year-old Staten Island, NY man, and a 45-year-old Scarsdale man.

All of the suspects were sentenced to 2-3 years in federal prison after they pleaded guilty to criminal charges for bribery. The suspects would have been subject to much longer terms of incarcerations if they had fought the charges and gone to trial in U.S. District Court in Newark, New Jersey.

According to authorities, the suspects, and many others, accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars as bribes to ensure that valuable blood-testing work was sent to the Parsippany medical lab.

Several other doctors implicated in the fraud scheme have already been convicted and sentenced to prison as well.

For additional information about this case, check out the article, “3 Doctors Sentenced in Sprawling Blood Test Bribery Case.”

Mountain Lakes DUI AttorneysA man who previously lived in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey will be spending several years in prison after he pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter charges in connection with a fatal DWI crash in July 2015.

The suspect is a 24-year-old male who used to reside in Mountain Lakes in Morris County, NJ. He was charged with multiple crimes and traffic violations after he allegedly caused an accident late at night and killed three people in another vehicle.

The victims were from Kentucky and were all pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

According to authorities, the suspect drank black maple whiskey before getting into his car that night.

The homicide case was set for trial, but the suspect ultimately reached a plea agreement with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).

When the suspect next appears in court for a formal sentencing hearing, he is likely to be sentenced to 21 years in prison.

For further information about this case, go to the article, “Driver in Fiery DWI Crash That Killed Family of 3 Pleads Guilty.”

Millington NJ Fraud AttorneyFour New Jersey residents, including a Millington, NJ man, have been accused of attempting to defraud a bank out of $5 million in connection with an elaborate home loan scheme.

The four suspects are a 64-year-old man who resides in Millington in Long Hill Township, NJ, a 57-year-old Watchung man, a 50-year-old Warren, NJ man, and a 37-year-old woman who lives in Union, NJ.

According to the US Attorney’s Office, the suspects hid their identities by hiring “straw buyers” to obtain loans from a New Jersey bank.

Authorities investigated the suspects and eventually arrested the suspects.

The suspects have been charged with a federal crime for allegedly committing bank fraud.

If the suspects are convicted on the federal charges, they could potentially be sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Additionally, the Millington, NJ suspect could potentially be stripped of his license to practice law in NJ.

For additional information about this case, see the article, “4 Charged with Elaborate $5M Mortgage Fraud Scheme.”

DUI Lawyers in Mount Arlington NJA Howell, New Jersey man who admitted to being high on narcotics when causing a fatal car crash in Mount Arlington, NJ has lost his appeal.

The suspect is a man from Howell Township in Monmouth County, NJ. He was reportedly under the influence of drugs when he crashed into a police cruiser on a road in Mount Arlington, New Jersey. The crash caused the death of a police officer.

The suspect eventually reached a deal with Morris County prosecutors and pleaded guilty to charges for aggravated manslaughter. However, he ultimately made the decision to appeal the guilty plea and attempted to get blood and urine tests thrown out as evidence.

The blood tests that were administered to the suspect after the auto accident reportedly showed that he used heroin and other illegal narcotics before the crash.

An appellate court has now rejected the appeal. This means that the suspect will have to complete his 20-year prison sentence.

For additional information about this case, check out the article, “Man Convicted in DUI Crash That Killed Cop Loses Appeal on Blood Test.”

Roxbury Theft by Deception LawyerPolice recently arrested a Guttenberg, New Jersey man accused of scamming a Roxbury Township, NJ woman out of more than $31K for roofing work that was never performed.

The suspect is a 42-year-old man from Guttenberg in Hudson County, NJ. According to authorities, the suspect convinced the 78-year-old victim that she needed him to fix her roof.

The suspect allegedly got $31,500 in cash from the victim over a period of one week. When the victim realized that the suspect had not done any work on her home, she notified Roxbury police.

The suspect eventually returned to the residence, prompting the woman to dial 911. Police officers soon arrived at the scene and placed the suspect under arrest.

The suspect now faces several criminal charges, including charges for theft by deception, obstruction of administration of law, and resisting arrest.

For more information about this case, read the article, “Man Accused of Scamming 78-Year-Old Woman Out of $31.5K Over Fake Roof Repairs.”

Sex Crime Lawyer in Roxbury NJA former assistant principal at a high school in Roxbury, NJ has pleaded guilty to sexual offense charges for touching a juvenile on the testicles.

The suspect is a 57-year-old resident of Rockaway Township in Morris County, New Jersey. He was an assistant principal at Roxbury High School and, before that, worked as a police officer in Clifton, NJ.

According to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, the suspect committed a sex crime by inappropriately touching a minor on the testicles during horseplay. The victim was 14 years old when the incident occurred. At the time, the victim was reportedly staying at the suspect’s residence in Rockaway Township.

The suspect initially faced criminal charges for child endangerment, criminal sexual contact, and aggravated criminal sexual contact. He later reached a plea deal with Morris County prosecutors pleaded guilty to charges for abuse.

It is expected that the suspect will be sentenced to one years in the Morris County Jail in Morristown. The suspect will also be barred from working as a school administrator in NJ.

For additional information about this case, read the article, “Ex-Assistant HS Principal Admits to Touching Teen.”

Dover Aggravated Assault AttorneyA Dover, NJ man faces aggravated assault charges after he allegedly used a knife to stab someone during a fight outside of a local bar.

The suspect, a 43-year-old man who lives in Dover in Morris County, allegedly committed the violent crime in front of Unique Bar on East Blackwell Street in Dover, New Jersey. The Dover Police Department received a 911 call about a stabbing and dispatched police officers to the area.

When Dover cops arrived at the scene, they saw the victim suffering from a significant injury to his chest. He was transported to Morristown Medical Center and treated for the stab wound.

Meanwhile, Dover, NJ police officers searched the area and located the suspect. He was subsequently arrested and taken to Dover police headquarters.

The suspect will have to answer a number of criminal charges: aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

For additional information this case, read the article, “Man Charged with Stabbing Another in the Chest in Dover.”

Arson Lawyer in Morristown NJA massive fire at a Morristown apartment complex could be the subject of an investigation by Morris County law enforcement officials.

The fire was started at an apartment building located on Speedwell Avenue in Morristown, New Jersey. Morristown police and firefighters were sent to the area after getting a report about the blaze. Firefighters from other Morris County fire departments also offered assistance.

The blaze was stemmed by firefighters, but residents were not allowed to return to the building due to extensive property damage. The American Red Cross is reportedly helping tenants seek new accommodations.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt due to the fire.

Authorities have not released much information about the apartment fire. Depending on the findings of investigators, it’s possible that prosecutors could file arson charges in the case.

For additional information, check out the article, “Blaze Reportedly Displaces Tenants, Pets from Morristown Apartment House.”