Montville Burglary LawyerMontville police are looking into a recent string of burglaries of cars and homes in the township.

The theft and property offenses were committed during a two-week period in Montville, NJ. According to law enforcement officials, the culprits stole from cars and houses that had been left unlocked.

One of the burglaries occurred at a residence located on Michelle Way in Montville, New Jersey. The suspects reportedly entered the house while the homeowners were away on vacation for a couple of days. Authorities said that the suspects stole personal possessions and cash from the residence.

Less than a week after that break-in, the same suspects allegedly burglarized another Montville home on Hamilton Place.

It is also believed that the suspect burglarized numerous cars parked in Montville, NJ. Police later found one of the burglarized cars, a 2017 Mercedes-Benz, abandoned on the side of a road in Newark, New Jersey.

The Montville Police Department has issued a statement about the burglary spree and has cautioned local residents to lock their houses and vehicles.

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