Mount Olive NJ Arson LawyersA Flanders NJ man has been charged in connection with a fire in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The 51-year-old suspect faces arson charges for allegedly conspiring to start a 2010 fire which destroy the Hitching Post, a landmark hotel in Wyoming. The hotel, which was a popular stop for state legislators, was completely destroyed as a result of the fire.

The suspect recently appeared in U.S. District Court, where he pleaded not guilty to six federal charges in connection with the fire. Among the most serious charges is conspiracy to commit arson and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

If the suspect is ultimately convicted, he could face serious prison time. Depending upon the circumstances, he could be sentenced to anywhere between 20 years and 110 years in federal prison.

Another individual is already serving time in prison for starting the fire. The man who started the fire is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was sentenced to 6 years in federal prison.

The suspect in the conspiracy case hails from Flanders, New Jersey. Flanders is an unincorporated community in Mount Olive Township and in parts of Roxbury Township.

After being placed under arrest and charged, the suspect posted $500,000 bond to secure his release from custody.

The suspect will be required to appear in court in Cheyenne at a later date to address the criminal charges. His trial is currently scheduled to begin on June 15.


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