Denville New Jersey Prostitution AttorneysDenville NJ police recently arrested two women who were allegedly engaged in prostitution at a local spa.

According to authorities, the suspects were working as massage therapists at Lake Spa in Denville New Jersey and illegally selling sexual services in exchange for cash.

Earlier this year, Denville law enforcement arrested multiple people for allegedly engaging in prostitution at the spa. After receiving tips about the illegal sexual activity continuing at Lake Spa, Denville detectives opened an investigation and conducted an undercover sting operation. During the operation, police allegedly caught the suspects offering sexual services for money.

The suspects who were placed under arrest include a 47-year-old Pennsylvania woman and a 54-year-old New York woman. Both suspects have been charged with sex crimes: the PA suspect is charged with engaging in prostitution, while the New York suspect is charged with promoting prostitution.

After arresting the suspects, Denville police shut down the spa. It is unclear whether the spa will be allowed to re-open at a later date.

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