Jefferson Township Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Broke into Residence and Secretly Recorded Sex Video

Jefferson Township Sex Crime LawyersJefferson Township law enforcement arrested a local man accused of a sex crime that involved breaking into a home and recording a video of two residents having sex. According to officials, 19-year-old Jason Scheidecker illegally entered the victims’ house in the Oak Ridge section of Jefferson Township approximately one year ago. Once inside the home, Scheidecker allegedly used his cell phone to secretly record two people having sexual relations.

The victims learned about the home invasion when Scheidecker allegedly posted the explicit video on the social media website Twitter. Law enforcement soon got involved, prompting the video to be removed from the site. Over the course of the next 10 months, Jefferson Township police investigated the criminal act and ultimately identified Scheidecker as the main suspect. Scheidecker, who lives in the same Oak Ridge part of Jefferson Township as the victims, was later placed under arrest.

Sex Offense Charges & Penalties in NJ

Scheidecker faces multiple criminal charges, including invasion of privacy and burglary. The most serious charge is the invasion of privacy charge, which covers the suspect’s initial act of secretly recording the victims and the suspect’s later act of posting the video online.

It is illegal for a person in NJ to film or record a person engaged in sexual relations without their permission. This crime carries severe penalties that include jail time and Megan’s Law sex offender registration requirements for life. Scheidecker not only faces the invasion of privacy charges, but he could also be charged with sex crime charges if prosecutors decide that there is enough evidence in the case.

Scheidecker will also have to answer a drug crime charge. That’s because he already had an arrest warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia out of Passaic County, New Jersey. When police learned about the outstanding warrant, they took Scheidecker to the Passaic County Jail in Paterson. Scheidecker was being held at the correctional facility without bail. Possession of drug paraphernalia is classified as a disorderly persons offense and does not usually require the offender to be held in jail. However, the warrant in this case was issued as a no-bail warrant.

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