Budd Lake NJ Rape SuspectA man who used to live in Budd Lake NJ is accused of committing sexual offenses in Tennessee.

According to police, the 39-year-old suspect lured teenage girls by using an online advertisement. The Internet ad allegedly gave the impression that the suspect was interested in photographing models.

Tennessee police looked into the suspect’s conduct and conducted a thorough investigation. Police eventually got enough evidence to bring charges against the suspect.

The suspect was placed under arrest and charged with several sex crimes, including one count of rape, one count of sexual exploitation of a minor over 100 times, two counts of sexual battery, and 19 counts of aggravated sexual exploitation.

The suspect posted bail and secured his release from police custody. However, he was supposed to make a court appearance in Murfreesboro TN in August 2014. When the suspect did not show up in court for his mandatory appearance, police issued an alert and tried to locate him.

Police had difficulty locating the suspect because he allegedly cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet.

Tennessee police believe that the suspect fled his home and traveled to either Wyoming or Montana. It is also possible that the suspect went to Florida because he has relatives and business associates there. Police also have not ruled out the possibility that the suspect went to Budd Lake NJ, where he used to have a residence.

In recognition of the possibility that the suspect returned to New Jersey, Morris County Crime Stoppers recently issued an alert. NJ authorities have asked that anyone with information about the suspect’s whereabouts please reach out to police by calling 973-COP-CALL. Callers can leave anonymous tips; tips which result in the apprehension of the suspect can potentially lead to a reward of up to $1,000.


For additional information about this case, check out the NJ.com article entitled “Accused Sex Offender May Have Fled to Morris County, Authorities Say.”