Blairstown, NJ Man Accused of Molesting Teens at Budd Lake Bagel Shop

Mount Olive Sex Crime AttorneyA man who runs a bagel shop located in Mount Olive, NJ faces criminal charges for allegedly molesting three boys who were employed at the restaurant. The suspect is Bajram Leka, a 58-year-old from Blairstown in Warren County, NJ. Leka owns Adams Hot Bagels and Grill, a restaurant on Route 46 in the Budd Lake part of Mount Olive Township. According to police, Leka “inappropriately” touched the three victims while supervising them at the restaurant and grill. The victims’ identities have not been revealed by authorities.

Two of the alleged victims initially contacted law enforcement to report that Leka had committed the sex offenses. Mount Olive Township police detectives investigated the sex crime allegations and found a third victim. At the conclusion of the investigation, a warrant was issued for Leka’s arrest. The Budd Lake bagel restaurant owner then turned himself in to Mount Olive police. He was processed at police headquarters and moved to the Morris County Correctional Facility in Morristown, NJ.

Severe Penalties for Criminal Sexual Contact in Morris County, New Jersey

Leka faces criminal charges for three counts of criminal sexual contact. This is felony-level offense with severe penalties that include prison time, a criminal record, and a requirement to register as a sex offender. N.J.S.A. 2C:14-3 stipulates that criminal sexual contact is either a third degree felony or a fourth degree felony, depending on the circumstances of the offense. In this case, Leka has been charged with fourth degree criminal sexual contact. In certain cases when the prosecution can’t bring charges of aggravated sexual assault, the defendant may be charged with criminal sexual contact instead. A conviction in the Budd Lake sex crime case could result in Leka, the defendant, being ordered to serve 18 months in NJ State Prison.

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