Hanover NJ Police Bust Woman for ProstitutionA 20-year-old Newark woman was arrested in Hanover NJ for prostitution.

According to authorities, a Hanover police officer stopped a car for motor vehicle violations on Route 10. The officer issued a warning to the four (4) women inside the car and then let them go. Before the women left, the officer gave them directions to a hotel they were trying to find.

Sometime later, the officer drove past the hotel and saw a man standing nearby on Route 10. After questioning the man, the officer determined that the man had called an escort service and was waiting for the women in the car to arrive.

Eventually, the women showed up at the hotel. When they arrived, the Hanover officer arrested two (2) of them. Octavia Fillmore has been charged with engaging in prostitution. A passenger in the car, Massie Aminah, was arrested because, at the time, she had several active warrants out for her arrest. The other two (2) women in the car were released from police custody.

Hanover police also indicated that they had not yet made a determination about whether to charge the man at the hotel with soliciting prostitution.


For more information about this case, check out the NJ.com article entitled “Newark Woman Was to Meet Man for Sex at Hotel, Hanover Cops Say.