Travis J. Tormey and the Tormey Law Firm, LLC recently represented a client accused of endangering the welfare of a child in New Brunswick, NJ.

Our client was a 20-year-old student at Rutgers University. He faced a 7-count indictment in Middlesex County Superior Court. According to prosecutors, the client had acted inappropriately while serving as a camp counselor. Prosecutors alleged that our client played “kissing games” and smoked marijuana with a few of the young camp attendees. The alleged victims were around the age of 15.

Child endangerment charges in New Jersey are governed by N.J.S.A. 2C:24-4. As set forth by the statute, endangering the welfare of a child is classified as a third degree felony. This meant that our client was subject to a potential sentence of 3-5 years in NJ State Prison on each charge.

The original plea offer in the case called for our client to plead guilty to multiple indictable charges. This would have resulted in a sentence of 364 days in the Middlesex County Jail, as well as a criminal conviction on the client’s permanent record. Mr. Tormey was able to help the client avoid these penalties by getting dozens of character letters in support of our client. The letters came from family members, church leaders, and other community leaders.

As a result of Mr. Tormey’s efforts, the prosecutor agreed to allow our client to enter the Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) program. If our client successfully completes the program’s probation period, he will avoid jail time and keep his record clear of any criminal charges.

This outcome was a major victory for the client and the Tormey Law Firm.