Denville NJ Invasion of Privacy AttorneysPolice officers in Denville NJ recently apprehended a UPS driver who allegedly took photographs of a woman in a public bathroom stall.

The suspect is employed as a UPS driver. According to authorities, the suspect was on his lunch break at a business building in Denville New Jersey when he committed the illicit act. He reportedly changed from his UPS uniform into personal clothes and then entered the women’s bathroom. Once inside the restroom, the suspect allegedly got into a bathroom stall and hit until the victim sat down in the stall next to his. The suspect then reportedly took out his cell phone and began to photograph the victim.

The victim reportedly noticed the phone underneath the stall and immediately confronted the suspect. The suspect then allegedly ran from the restroom and left the building.

Sometime later, the suspect returned to the business complex because he needed to deliver packages for UPS. Police officers at the scene took the suspect into custody and then arrested him.

The suspect is a 37-year-old resident of Byram, New Jersey. He faces criminal charges for invasion of privacy.

After being placed under arrest and processed, the suspect was released from police custody. He has a pending court date to address the criminal charges against him.

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