Montville Prostitution ChargesPolice in Montville NJ recently arrested a 45-year-old Queens NY woman on prostitution charges.

Two police officers were on a routine patrol of Route 46 in Montville when they noticed unusual activity at Knights Inn of Pine Brook, a motel located on Route 46.

The officers reportedly observed a number of men frequenting the same room at the motel.

The officers investigated the situation for a few minutes and then decided to interview the female occupant of the room.

After speaking with the suspect, officers determined that she was, in fact, engaging in illegal sexual activity as a prostitute. So they placed her under arrest and charged her with the criminal offense of prostitution.

Interestingly, none of the suspect’s alleged clients were charged with solicitation.

If the suspect is ultimately convicted of prostitution, she could face significant penalties. As set forth by N.J.S.A. 2C:34-1, a person convicted of engaging in prostitution may be sentenced to up to six months in county jail and fined up to $1,000.


To learn more about this case, check out the article entitled “Queens Woman Charged with Prostitution at Montville Motel, Cops Say.”


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