Morris County Theft by Deception Attorneys

Mount Olive NJ Theft by Deception LawyersA woman employed by an industrial laser business in Mount Olive New Jersey allegedly stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company.

According to Morris County law enforcement, the suspect worked as the bookkeeper for Haas Laser Technologies, an industrial laser company in the Flanders section of Mount Olive, NJ.

On February 4, the

Mine Hill NJ Fraud AttorneysA Mine Hill man has been accused of committing fraud by lying about his military record so that he could receive undeserved gifts.

According to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, the 66-year-old suspect lied and said that he was a POW in Vietnam. The suspect also reportedly told a false story about how he saved

Wharton NJ Theft by Deception AttorneysWharton NJ police arrested a man who allegedly committed fraud when he lied about his military service record.

According to Wharton officials, the suspect said that he was a prisoner of war during Vietnam. Additionally, the suspect allegedly lied about his military record so that he could wrongfully obtain a new deck for his home.

Franklin NJ Theft by Deception SuspectA woman who served as treasurer of a Franklin Borough elementary school association allegedly stole $8,000 from the group.

The 40-year-old suspect was the treasurer for the Franklin Elementary School’s Home and School Association in Franklin Borough, NJ. As treasurer, the suspect had immediate access to group money.

According to authorities, the suspect used checks,