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Morristown NJ Robbery LawyersPolice officers recently arrested a man who allegedly robbed a bank in Morristown, New Jersey.

The suspect is a 30-year-old male who lives in New Jersey. According to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, the suspect entered the TD Bank located on South Street in Morristown NJ around 10:00 a.m., approached a bank teller, and demanded that the teller hand over money.

The suspect reportedly threatened to use a handgun unless the bank employee gave him the cash.

After the suspect allegedly got an undisclosed amount of money, reportedly exited the bank building and fled the area on foot.

The Morristown Police Department sent police officers to the scene after receiving a 911 call about the bank robbery. Morristown cops canvassed the area and quickly located the suspect.

The suspect faces multiple criminal charges, including charges for robbery, theft of movable property, and resisting arrest. Depending on the finding of investigators, the suspect might also be charged with criminal weapons offenses.

After being arrested and processed, the suspect was transported to the Morris County Jail in Morristown, NJ.

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Morristown Disorderly Conduct LawyersMorristown New Jersey police arrested 11 people during the recent Morris County St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Morristown poses serious problems for local law enforcement because people tend to get intoxicated and get unruly. However, law enforcement had less difficulties this year and ultimately arrested fewer people than usual.

According to law enforcement officials, police made a total of 11 arrests from 7:00 a.m. Saturday to 3:00 a.m. Sunday. Last year, Morristown police arrested 20 people during the parade. In 2015, Morristown police made 16 arrests.

The most common charge for individuals arrested at the recent St. Patrick’s Day Parade was simple assault, while multiple people were also charged with disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

In addition to making the arrests, Morristown NJ cops also issued 13 municipal ordinance violations to parade attendees who were allegedly caught drinking in public, urinating in public, and littering. In 2016, Morristown police issued 59 summonses during the parade.

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Morristown Sex Crime AttorneysA Morris County NJ grand jury indicted two Morristown men on charges of sexually assaulting a minor.

The suspects, a 36-year-old Morristown man and a 50-year-old Morristown man, were accused of raping a nine-year-old girl in 2009.

After detectives with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office concluded their investigation into the suspects, prosecutors brought criminal charges against the suspects. The sexual offense charges against the two suspects including charges for sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

The 50-year-old suspect was also charged with aggravated assault and burglary.

Now that the suspects have been indicted, they will await trial in Morris County Superior Court. The men are being held in Morris County Jail until the case is resolved.

A third suspect, a 20-year-old Morristown NJ man, was also charged with sexually assaulting the nine-year-old victim. However, the suspect avoided trial by reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors. He was subsequently sentenced to four years in NJ State Prison.

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Morristown NJ Terroristic Threats AttorneysLaw enforcement officials looked into a threat against students at Morristown High School and determined that no one was at risk.

Someone reportedly used the Internet to post a threat on a social media account this weekend. As soon as Morristown High School officials became aware of the nonspecific threat, they contacted the Morris Township Police Department.

Detectives investigated the online threat and determined that it was just a prank.

The principal of the high school later posted a letter online for all parents in the Morris School District to read. The letter indicated that authorities believe the threatening words were not credible and that no one in the school district was at risk of injury. The Morristown High School principal also said that police identified a “person of interest.”

There has been no word about whether the suspect was placed under arrest by law enforcement. Depending on the facts of the case, he may be subject to very serious criminal charges for making terroristic threats.

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Morris County NJ Sexual Assault SuspectA former teacher at a Butler NJ elementary school teacher recently pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting multiple students in Morris County, NJ.

The suspect is a 42-year-old male who used to reside in Bloomfield, New Jersey. In 1997, at the time of one of the sexual assaults, the suspect was an assistant track coach at Butler High School. The suspect allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old female he met through the school’s track program.

The suspect was also accused of sexually abusing four elementary school students in Montville, New Jersey. Moreover, the suspect reportedly committed a sexual assault against a female student at Cedar Hill Prep School in Franklin Township, NJ.

Before law enforcement became aware of the sexual assault allegations, the suspect taught at Montville High School in Montville, NJ.

Once investigators determined that the suspect had committed the sex crimes, he was placed under arrest and charged with numerous criminal offenses, including aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault.

The suspect managed to avoid the most significant penalties by reaching a plea agreement with the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office.

When the suspect appears in Sussex County Superior Court next month for a formal sentencing hearing, he will likely be sentenced to 14 years in New Jersey State Prison.

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Morristown NJ Handgun Possession AttorneysA Morristown New Jersey man has been sentenced to five years behind bars after pleading guilty to charges of illegally possessing a handgun that may have been used in a shooting.

The suspect, a 25-year-old resident of Morristown NJ, was allegedly apprehended while carrying a handgun used in a shooting incident on Lincoln Street in January 2014. Authorities later said that the shooting may have occurred in the immediate aftermath of an illegal drug deal.

Morris County prosecutors initially charged the suspect with attempted murder and various weapons offenses for allegedly using to the firearm to shoot the victim in the leg.

Sometime after being formally charged in the case, the suspect arrived at a plea deal with Morris County NJ prosecutors. In exchange for the suspect pleading guilty to charges of unlawful possession of a weapon, prosecutors agreed to recommend a sentence of five years in New Jersey State Prison.

At some point prior to sentencing, however, the suspect reportedly considered withdrawing his guilty plea. He claimed that he had been pressured into the agreement by his criminal defense attorney. In the end, the suspect told the Morris County Superior Court judge that he did not wish to withdraw his plea of guilty.

The suspect did attempt to get his sentence downgraded during the sentencing hearing in Morris County Superior Court, which is located in Morristown, NJ. The suspect said that his father and sister, both of whom were injured in a car accident, needed him at home to care for them.

The judge ultimately decided to sentence to suspect to five years in state prison, with a minimum mandatory term of incarceration of 42 months before the suspect is eligible for parole.

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Pequannock NJ Theft IncidentPequannock NJ police are trying to find a man who may have committed a theft at a local business.

The theft was allegedly committed in August at a restaurant in Pequannock, New Jersey. According to law enforcement, the suspect worked as a food delivery guy at the Pequannock NJ restaurant. He is said to have gone on a food delivery run, collected money from a number of customers, and then failed to go back to the restaurant to pick up the food.

Law enforcement is operating under the assumption that the suspect may have stolen the money from the customers and then fled the area.

For more than a month, Pequannock detectives have investigated the possible theft incident as they try to identify the suspect. However, authorities have not yet been able to determine the identity or location of the theft crime suspect.

Pequannock NJ police are now asking for the public’s help with the investigation into the theft. Any members of the public who have information about the suspect, the car the suspect allegedly drove on the night of his disappearance, or the theft crime should call investigators at 973-835-1700.

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Skilled Criminal Defense Attorneys with Offices in Morristown, NJ

Morristown NJ Simple Assault AttorneysTravis Tormey of the Tormey Law Firm LLC recently defended a client against charges of simple assault in Morristown, New Jersey. Since simple assault is classified as a disorderly persons offense under N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1(a), the client was subject to significant criminal penalties. That’s why it was imperative that he have a skilled criminal defense attorney on his side.

The client in this case was a young professional with no prior history of criminal arrests or convictions. However, despite his clean record, the client still faced penalties that included a fine of $1,000, a sentence of up to six months in the Morris County Jail, and a permanent criminal conviction on his record going forward.

The facts of the case were as follows: The client and his wife were in Morristown NJ on St. Patrick Day to celebrate at the city’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. There was obviously a little alcohol consumption by both the client and his wife. When the client’s wife said that she wanted to leave the parade and go home, the client informed her that he wanted to stay out a little longer. This disagreement continued as the couple walked back to their apartment in Morristown NJ. At some point during their walk, the client and his wife were observed by Morristown patrol officers who allegedly saw the client push his wife. According to the Morristown cops, the client’s wife did not fall or otherwise sustain any injuries as a result of the alleged “push.”

The minor nature of the incident, combined with the fact that the client’s wife had no desire to press charges against him, meant that the prosecutors could be persuaded to drop the criminal charges. Ultimately, the Tormey Law Firm was able to get the charges dismissed in Morristown Municipal Court.

Now that the criminal charges have been dismissed, the client can file an expungement to get the record of the arrest removed from his permanent record.

Parsippany NJ Armed Robbery LawyersParsippany New Jersey police arrested a local man who allegedly committed an armed robbery at Lake Hiawatha Dairy.

According to law enforcement, the suspect committed the theft offense shortly after 10:30 p.m. at Lake Hiawatha Dairy on North Beverwyck Road in Parsippany, NJ. The suspect reportedly entered the building, walked toward a store worker, and demanded that the employee give him cash.

The suspect allegedly held a knife throughout the robbery attempt.

As the suspect attempted to rob one worker, three other employees managed to get into the bathroom and dial 911. The Parsippany Police Department subsequently dispatched police officers to the scene.

Parsippany cops searched the surrounding area for the suspect and soon found him hiding in the alleyway of a nearby building.

When police searched the suspect, they allegedly discovered three knives and the stolen money.

The suspect, a 44-year-old man from Parsippany NJ, has been charged with several criminal offenses, including armed robbery, theft of movable property, unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and criminal mischief. If the suspect is convicted on the most serious charges of armed robbery, he could be sentenced to a term of incarceration of 10-20 years in New Jersey State Prison.

After being placed under arrest and charged, the suspect was transported to the Morris County Correctional Facility in Morristown, NJ. He was being held at the jail on a bail amount of $20,000.

For additional information about this case, view the article, “Knife-Wielding Man Robbed Parsippany Ice Cream Store, Cops Say.”

Morristown NJ Underage Drinking AttorneysTravis J. Tormey recently defended a client against charges of underage possession of alcohol in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:33-15.

The client was 20 years old and was allegedly caught with a red Solo cup filled with beer while attending the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Morristown, New Jersey. Despite the fact that the client had no prior criminal history, she still faced significant, potentially life-altering consequences if convicted in this case. Based on the underage drinking charge being classified as a disorderly persons offense, the client was facing a permanent criminal charge on her record, a $1,000 fine, up to six months in the Morris County Jail in Morristown NJ, and a driver’s license suspension for six months.

The good news for the client was that she had Travis Tormey and the Tormey Law Firm on her side. As soon as the client hired the Tormey Law Firm, Mr. Tormey immediately got to work fighting on her behalf. Mr. Tormey spoke with the local prosecutor and highlighted the client’s lack of criminal history, her age, and her cooperation with law enforcement. Mr. Tormey was able to negotiate a favorable plea arrangement on behalf of the client. The client ultimately pleaded guilty to a local ordinance violation, which is a violation of local law and is similar to a littering ticket, noise violation, or leaving garbage at the curb on the wrong day. The end result was the client had to pay a fine. This meant that the client was able to preserve her clean record, avoid jail time, and maintain her NJ driving privileges.

This was a tremendous result for the client and for the Tormey Law Firm.